Lindsay Irrthum is a professional model in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Her experience includes product promotions, modeling and presenting at conventions, private parties and special events.  Lindsay is very comfortable with those roles displaying confidence and genuine enthusiasm for the work she does. Lindsay is also experienced in print, fashion shows, editorial, lingerie, swimwear, and fitness modeling.

Lindsay Irrthum was featured in a commercial for Carl's Jr. that aired at the Los Angeles Kings Hockey games during half time. Lindsay continues to be a spokes model for Carl's Jr. at major Las Vegas and Los Angeles events.

Lindsay Irrthum is the official model for Relaxed Fitness. She is featured in their website, banners, flyers and represents Relaxed Fitness at conventions. Lindsay is not only the face of Relaxed Fitness she works as a sales representative for Relaxed Fitness at conventions.

If you would like to enhance your company or product visibility please contact Lindsay. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated. Lindsay looks forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company. 

Lindsay Irrthum can be contacted at